How your HSA solution matters


As consumer-driven healthcare becomes a primary focus for American companies in order to control cost and increase employee accountability for their health, the Health Savings Account market has continued to grow by an increasing margin each year with millions of accounts and billions in assets.  PilotHSA has been a part of the industry from the beginning, providing our platform and support services.  HSAs are not add-ons to our business.  They are our business.  Focus and experience make selection of our programs an easy solution for your organization.


Selecting your HSA provider will have an impact on the success of your benefit offering.  Our HSA programs are independent from the health insurance carriers, making it very easy for you and your customers to maintain a long-term, stable relationship even with other benefit offering changes made by employers.


Whether you are just beginning to offer your platform, seeking new partners or are ready to own the HSA program in its entirety, PilotHSA can provide a back-office solution and an a la carte menu of HSA services including seamless integration with one of our preferred HSA custodians, investment options, online enrollment processes, call center support and more.


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