Focus and Expertise.  Exactly what you need from an HSA provider.


As consumer-driven healthcare becomes a primary focus for American companies in order to control cost and increase employee accountability for their health, it becomes increasingly important for employers to make an informed selection when choosing an HSA program provider.


There are many HSA providers out there – you need one with focus and expertise who can provide dedicated service for you and your employees. Our HSA programs are independent from the health insurance carriers, making it very easy for you and your employees to maintain a long-term, stable relationship even with other benefit offering changes made by employers.


Do you need assistance to support employee questions regarding HSA eligibility?  Contribution maximums allowed with mid-year life events? Tax reporting requirements?  Our team of trained, professional HSA specialists can help you and your employees to navigate the HSA rules and regulations.  Not all providers are able to do the same and refer employees to the IRS for assistance.  We do not believe this is the best solution for your employees.


We know that employees may be concerned about a change to their benefits. We work with you to make sure your employees understand the benefits of an HSA. We support them as they transition to a consumer directed health care model.


PilotHSA’s programs provide all the features employers desire in today’s HSA market - investment options, online enrollment processes, call center support, seamless integration with one of our preferred HSA custodians and more.  Our team is ready to work with you to provide the best program available for your clients. 



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